are you ready for it............................................... INTERNET GIRLFRIEND CLUB VOLUME 12!!!

ft. communication across NationStates, MSN Messenger, e-mail, Club Penguin, AOL, and IRC

Great news!

John Michael Boling brought his 2007 net art masterpiece back to life!

"a generic video and a banal piece of code combined on a simple web page unite in a happy coincidence – the cameraman’s default panning speed almost exactly matches the pace of the default marquee speed."

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April 22, 2023
Merz Akademie, Stuttgart

🥂 30 Years WWW 🥂
🎂 Browser cakes party 🎂

@GIFmodel I think I've told this story before but I wrote "best viewed in 800×600" on my geocities page and then found out later that my computer was set to 640x480 and I was so embarrassed, 1 because I was a liar and 2 because I clearly wasn't using the cool resolution

Here's some recent research by esteemed colleagues and myself on how to model and compute an access quality value for net art. The paper was presented at iPRES2022 in Glasgow. Get links to the PDF and a recording of the presentation at

hosting a special office hours this week <3 ~ artists Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied will talk about their experience with One Terabyte of a Kilobyte Age - including different GeoCities design styles, a showcase of personal/ audience favorite sites, notable GeoCities users, and much more ~ on feb 16th at 2pm est

the rsvp link for this is for if you'd like to receive an email / calendar reminder ~

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month!

on this occasion enjoy


dynamic, interactive and loud


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Hey folks, follow @office_hours to get notified of recordings of Rhizome's online program Office Hours!

I wanted to share one of the 🎊 winning entries 🎊 of the Small File Photo Festival with you. 'I <3 Andy' by Sophie Sherwood.

You can see all shortlisted works and the winners of the awards here:

#small #file #photography #art #permacomputing

Meet great conservator colleagues and me on the Transformation Digital Art Symposium in Amsterdam on March 16 & 17, organized by our friends at LI-MA

Native Americans are asking The Apache Software Foundation, "…to take the necessary steps needed to express the ally-ship they promote so deeply on their website, to act in accordance with their own code of conduct, to “be careful in the words that [they] choose”, and change their name."

It'll be a big change, but IMO one that's necessary and overdue.


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