I wanted to share one of the 🎊 winning entries 🎊 of the Small File Photo Festival with you. 'I <3 Andy' by Sophie Sherwood.

You can see all shortlisted works and the winners of the awards here: https://unthinking.photography/projects/smallfile/gallery/

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Meet great conservator colleagues and me on the Transformation Digital Art Symposium in Amsterdam on March 16 & 17, organized by our friends at LI-MA

Native Americans are asking The Apache Software Foundation, "…to take the necessary steps needed to express the ally-ship they promote so deeply on their website, to act in accordance with their own code of conduct, to “be careful in the words that [they] choose”, and change their name."

It'll be a big change, but IMO one that's necessary and overdue.



Brilliant digital conservator and researcher Yuhsien Chen, who worked with Rhizome in 2022, presents on Rhizome's activities with Wikibase for Wikidata Taiwan, showing off research and design work by @lozross, and explaining the Wikibase Stakeholder Group @wbstakeholders.
(video in Chinese language)


You pick your way through the forest. The earthy smell of mushrooms and other shade crops pervade your senses. Logs that have been seeded with (presumably) edible fungi lie composting on the forest floor. Passing out of the trees and into the early morning sunshine you walk past rows of vegetables and flowers mixed together in a locally chaotic, but globally ordered fashion. Several beds have raised solar panels above them, and it is to one of these that you walk. There is no power.


New publication 📄

Infrastructural Interactions: Survival, Resistance and Radical Care

With contributions by: TITiPI, Varia (Manetta Berends, Cristina Cochior), Clareese Hill, Other Weapons, Gwen Barnard, Naomi Alizah Cohen, Yasmine Boudiaf and Infrastructural Manouevres. Made with wiki-to-pdf.

PDF: https://titipi.org/pub/Infrastructural_Interactions.pdf
text-version: https://titipi.org/wiki/index.php/Infrastructural_Interactions_Workbook

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Computers are the last barrier to achieving true software conservation.

@ayottechris @despens yeah, really disappointing that modern browsers don't play midi-files. Is there a nice lazy solution, Dragan?


This year has seen many changes at NEoN, and we will have many more next year. We are committed to exploring new ways of working that help us develop and implement new strategies that emphasise collaborative, collective, and communal approaches ... As part of our ongoing work on the Counter Cloud Action Plan, titipi.org introduced us to Autonomic and its Cooperative Cloud Infrastructure. ... We commissioned Autonomic to look over NEoN's digital infrastructure and help us to find a new sustainable way of working that supports one of its goals of DeGoogle-isation. Based on discussions and their past experiences working with other initiatives such as lumbug.space, UTAW, VREC and Comic Gewerkschaft, Autonomic has provided us with a plan of reforms, which we are delighted to share with you.

Thanks to @manetta @ccl @Femke @titipi for putting us in touch with the wonderful humans of NEoN 😻

Changed my avatar because it could be mistaken as some 𝚃𝚆𝙸𝚃𝚃𝙴𝚁 reference—but it's just Hupel Pupel, one of the main characters in Hupel Pupel Magazine: hupel-pupel.de/english.html

The article this presentation is based on, “In Between Performance and Documentation,” is now available on my gemini site:

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I'm running my 22-year old net art piece in #Netscape Navigator 2 on my Windows 11 machine in 2022, with the actual icon in the taskbar, in the Start menu and on the desktop – and it totally works!

In case someone's interested:

1. Instructions:
How to run old 16 bit Windows programs on a 64 bit OS (Win 10):

2. Download Netscape:
Archive of every single release of Netscape Navigator/Communicator (Mozilla Archive – Save the Lizard) - from version 0.4 to 4.08

3. Download and install
• WineVDM:
• Visual C++ Redist:
(both x64.exe/64bit and x86.exe/32bit files)

4. Netscape installation instructions
Running Netscape Navigator on Windows 10/11:
(follow all the steps, watch carefully how to "double"-install from the hidden Users/AppData/Local/Temp folder)

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